Our staff is pleased to customise your motor yacht charter needs for a holiday, special event, anniversary, or corporate event.

Whether it’s for the day or for a week, your yacht gives you total freedom.

Rent a private yacht with C5's service " yacht charter ". Our team of experts is available to answer your questions and provide advice on our full range of yachting services.

Cruise in destination where each stop leads you to something new and every moment on board is about your enjoyment. With your all-inclusive yacht charter you have access to the most beautiful and special places. 

For exclusivity, our yachts are not present in this page but only on request.


Events : family, bachelor(ette), birthday, wedding,holidays, business, all events.

For all your events, our team know-how and expertise is a guarantee of success and satisfaction. As true professionals, will lead your event to the road of success.


When you are aboard your yacht whether at port or at sea, C5's "Catering Service" meet all your needs.

You want to give your family, your friends, your staff the best of what gastronomy has to offer while you are at sea: our team will make your senses sail on seas of flavor of our delicate food.

The art of the table is best served on a yacht.

ENTERTAINMENT: We can offer treatments or massages or a scroll fashion and entertainment of your choice.

The right people with the right experience.

Enthusiastic, inspired and nothing is too much. Chefs, managers and serving staff united to deliver a  unique opportunity. Whether it is your wedding day, a gala dinner or a conference buffet, our commitment is to provide superb catering and exemplary service.

There are unforgettable evening, one-night parties....

For every one of those moment, C5's stand by your side to bring an answer to your expectation.

We offert to you tailor made service. Send us your order by form or by phone texte, we receive automatically a quote.

Ask to be called by expert.