Our  team will be enjoy to assist you in your life 7/7 days with a single contact.

All these services via subscription or not, adapted to the client’s needs.

Expert, excellence, surpassing requirements,

exclusive services are the key words in our luxury services.


Consulting services, we regularly work in the following areas:

   •  HOTELS & PALACES: Luxury bedroom, suites,

  • RESIDENCES: Direct owners or agency, only in France, Paris and French Riviera

  • SECURITY: Residences, events, body-garde, Yachting

    •  LUXURY CARS: transfert, chauffeured services, rental, sales, tours,

    •  HELICOPTERS: transferts, trips, tours, shooting photos,

  • DRÔNES: Photos, 3D,

  • JETS CHARTER: All destinations, empty-legs, privates & corporates, marketing, rentals & sales

    •  YACHTING: Charters, yachts from 10 metres to 60 metres, events in nav 120 pax,  

    • TRANSLATION & INTERPRETATION: Multi-languages in several areas

  • CHEF & BARMAN: Private dinners, Business dinner, service at home

  • UNLIMITED EXPERIENCES: Formula 1 in the world, Dinner in the sky, Driving Tours, Marrakech tours, Nepal tours….

  • SPORTS, WELLNESS: Private trainer at home, massage therapists, spas

  • LUXURY GOODS INDUSTRY: (Jewellery, champagne, Luxury fashion brands, exceptional wishes)

Requests of services should allow us for the reasonable time to put in place the necessary means to allow their execution.